Challenge One

 1   Phill Morgan64
 2   Lewis Jones155
 3   Lloyd Bailey181
 4   Matthew Dearden197
 5   Adam Constable240
 6   Jeremy Gray256
 7   Mike Davies270
 8   Eril Williams285
 9   Gary Biggs288
 10   Jonathan Hilton308
 11   Alan Burton311
 12   Paul Barnsley330
 13   Sion Bebb391
 14   Lewis Fowler522
 15   Nigel Smith534
 16   Julian Cottrell547
 17   Simon Murphy569
 18   Ian FORD576
 19   Glynn Davies604
 20   Paul Williams606
 21   Mark Aspin610
 22   Tom Davies623
 23   Richard Dinsdale660
 24   Martin 712
 25   Alex Munroe822
 26   Mark Aspen841
 27   Errol Williams909
 28   Neil Curtis930
 29   Mark Richards990
 30   John Pitt1050
 31   Mike 1297

Challenge Two

No players have completed this challenge yet.

Off Green

  Al LoganOff Green
  Alex MunroOff Green
  Andrew FrancombOff Green
  Andy GeorgeOff Green
  Ashley ClarkOff Green
  Carlos RodriguesOff Green
  Chris GrayOff Green
  Dan BridgewaterOff Green
  Daniel BennettOff Green
  David Donnell JonesOff Green
  David SmithOff Green
  Finn ObrienOff Green
  Gareth JonesOff Green
  Geoff SwainOff Green
  Ian EllisonOff Green
  James EliasOff Green
  John PittOff Green
  Leo TarrantOff Green
  Mahesh ManiOff Green
  Mark AndrewsOff Green
  Martin ReidOff Green
  Martintest Off Green
  Matt BannahanOff Green
  Mike StevensOff Green
  Neil LoboOff Green
  Paul IvesOff Green
  Paul Off Green
  Paul AtkinsOff Green
  Paul IvesOff Green
  Stan ReidOff Green
  Stephen CheckerOff Green
  Tim AllenOff Green
  Wayne HawkinsOff Green
  William LiOff Green
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